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I’m Ba . . . ack! (In The Writing Saddle)

Yes (sigh), I took a little break. Okay, I took a long break. It all started during Lent when I went on a time-consuming cleanse diet and found I needed to 86 just about every other responsibility in my life … Continue reading

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To Do Or Not To Do – A Downsizing Question

The act of downsizing, whether tackled out of a sense of opportunity (you want to lighten your load a bit, make room for some new things) or necessity (you can’t find your bathroom), can be surprisingly difficult. This is because … Continue reading

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Cooking Without A Net – The Art Of Letting Go

The Recipe Says . . . I am a recipe follower. My husband, he’s more of a recipe avoider. And it drives me crazy in the kitchen. Witness this recent conversation in the middle of making Spaghetti Carbonara: Me: “Oh, … Continue reading

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5 Tips For When You’re Stuck

So. It’s February. How are those resolutions going? I know, right? It seemed so easy at first, so possible. You read a blog post about breaking bad habits, you identified your triggers and payoffs, you set your goals and set … Continue reading

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3 Steps To Breaking Bad (Habits)

Okay, all you New Year’s resolution people – this one’s for you. A habit in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Our brain likes making habits, because habits allow the brain to function more efficiently. Take, for … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Making Room

Living Alone I have been alone a lot lately . . . And I kind of like it. I like having the television and the remote all to myself. I like the kind of rockin’ good night’s sleep you get … Continue reading

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