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4 Tips For Handling Conversation Bullies

You’re at a cocktail party or in the office break room, and someone goes on a rant about their political views. Only in the process of sharing their own views, they are also demeaning everyone else’s. Or you’re at a … Continue reading

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Here Be Dragons (And Monsters)

Halloween approaches, and we wait with anticipation to see what monsters will lurk in our streets and doorways. We’ve decorated our houses for these creatures, bought them bags and bags of candy, and we will be inquisitive, kind and very … Continue reading

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To Do Or Not To Do – A Downsizing Question

The act of downsizing, whether tackled out of a sense of opportunity (you want to lighten your load a bit, make room for some new things) or necessity (you can’t find your bathroom), can be surprisingly difficult. This is because … Continue reading

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Take A Snow Day This Week (Even If It’s Not Snowing)

I decided to take a snow day this week. I had to give it to myself (more about that later), but I took one nonetheless. And it was really, really good. Before moving back to Omaha a few years ago, … Continue reading

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