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“That’s Mine; You Have Yours.” – Why You Should Do You

Snowflakes are falling outside my window as I write this, big and little ones together, and I can’t take my eyes off of them. Most of the flakes are gliding on the wind at the same diagonal angle, like the … Continue reading

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3 Steps To Breaking Bad (Habits)

Okay, all you New Year’s resolution people – this one’s for you. A habit in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Our brain likes making habits, because habits allow the brain to function more efficiently. Take, for … Continue reading

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6 Creative Comebacks To Combat Your Inner Critic

car·ni·val  /ˈkärnəvəl/ 1. A period of public revelry at a regular time each year 2. An exciting or riotous mixture of something blog car·ni·val  /blôg/ˈkärnəvəl/ 1. A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. 2. … Continue reading

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