Hurry Up! Then Start Waiting

waitingFor this week’s post, I will actually be redirecting you in a moment to one of my favorite websites, All Things Private Practice, where I recently guest posted on Tamara Suttle’s fabulous blog, Private Practice From the Inside Out.

My post, at Tamara’s suggestion, unpacks the concept of waiting as it applies to opening a private psychotherapy practice, so readers who currently find themselves in this situation (or are considering entering into this situation at any time in the near future) will find it especially relevant.

But the thoughts I explore in the post (waiting involves letting go of control; the importance of staying positive and staying connected to others; how to remain centered and healthy) are really applicable to anyone beginning a challenging new endeavor, whatever its flavor. So I trust everyone will find something in the post that resonates with their experience.

So take a few moments to check out the post, Hurry Up! Then Start Waiting, and then get your own wait on!

*By the way, Tamara is a very active and generous communicator on her blog; if you comment on a post, she will both notice it and comment right back. So don’t hesitate to offer your own thoughts and resources about waiting.

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