3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Click On This Relationship Post


Oh, shoot! You’ve gone and done it already! Ah well. May as well keep reading.

You’ve just clicked on what’s known in the blogging world as a “list post” or “listicle.” A list post is an article in a list format. It generally contains a numbered list of (hopefully) helpful tips, trends, ideas or secrets.

Lists posts, especially those containing relationship advice, are a familiar Internet phenomenon. We click on them all the time. And why not? They have attention-grabbing headlines, information that’s easy to scan and absorb, and a helpfully-specific content promise.

Let me be clear. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A LIST POST. I myself have written more than a few.

But list posts do have their limits, especially if what you’re searching for is an answer to a difficult or seemingly intractable relationship problem. Hence, my three reasons why you should think twice before clicking . . . CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE at YourTango.com. (I know, I know – I’m asking you to click AGAIN! ARGH!)

[This article was originally written for and published on the relationship website YourTango.com.]

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