Sleep Improvement – Therapy For Insomnia

insomniaSleep Improvement – Therapy For Insomnia
Quality sleep and mental health go hand in hand. In my sleep improvement work at Omaha Sleep Therapy, I can:

  •  Assess the severity of your sleep problems, including your sleep efficiency and dysfunctional sleep beliefs and practices, as well as the presence of any psychosocial, environmental, family or cultural contributors to poor sleep
  • Help you understand the behavioral underpinnings that contribute to your sleep difficulties, the relationship between sleep and mental health, and the hygiene habits that most directly influence insomnia, sleep onset and quality
  • Teach you how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) techniques, including stimulus control and sleep scheduling interventions, to decrease your insomnia and improve the length, efficiency and comfort of your nighttime sleep
  • Give you strategies to help you get control over sleep-related worry that often leads to sleep problems
  • Teach you a variety of relaxation techniques to aid in anxiety reduction and sleep onset
  • Refer you to a sleep medicine professional for sleep disorder assessment and treatment if appropriate

I offer the above interventions both as a part of my regular work with psychotherapy clients, and as a stand-alone treatment protocol for clients referred by other mental health practitioners and medical professionals.

Visit Omaha Sleep Therapy online to find out more about my insomnia and sleep improvement services. Or contact me now if sleep improvement counseling seems like a good fit for you.


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